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A lot has changed in the gun dog training world since my uncle started our family business over 50 years ago. But the goal has always been the same. To help the novice and professional trainer produce bold and confident bragging rights gun dogs.

Our mission statement is simply this: To create an easy to understand, simple to follow system that works with access to land and birds in as little as one hour a week.

For the past 25 years, we have honed and refined this system. A system that uses a balanced approach to training. We will teach your dog how to get what it wants while performing the behaviors we want.

We will also teach you how to be an affective handler and team with your dog to ensure success.

Our puppy curriculum pays close attention to reaching targeted goals in the first 6 through 20 weeks of life, the all-important imprinting stage. We strive to nurture whatever potential prey/chase drive your pup has while starting a basic field obedience program that will result in a fundamentally sound dog.

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Our goal is to help produce the dog YOU need. Whether that’s a nice companion hunting dog or a finished hunter, we train to your needs. Our foundation system will help you produce a dog that loves it’s job. Reliably holds a point ’til flush, and responds to commands the first time. Allowing you to build off a rock-solid foundation for our advanced training.

We try to remove the old stereotypes of gun dog training – replacing them with an approach firmly grounded by the fundamentals of behavioral science. While keeping in mind that sometimes the techniques of the past are exactly what’s needed.


“We are passionate about what we do.

Our over 50 years of experience can help you get the results you want.”


Located on over 300 acres in Dover Plains, NY – we are less than 90 minutes from New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

Our shooting preserve license allows you to train throughout the off-season and hunt your dog throughout the preserve season.

We offer a full-service gunner’s cabin and meeting room. Available to clubs, equipped with projection TV for power point and video presentations.

We offer:

  • One-on-one sessions by the class or in 4 and 8-session packages
  • Group sessions
  • Talks to clubs on the topic of their choice
  • One-day and weekend seminars for individuals, groups and clubs. At our facility or yours.
  • E collar and trained retrieve seminars
  • In-house training and boarding on a select scale
  • Training fields for individuals and groups

Is sending your dog off for months at a time not for you? Let us help you become your dog’s trainer. We are confident that once you sit down with us and see our system, you will want to come back. There is no more gratifying feeling than training your own dog.

For more information contact us:

Michael Holomakoff: (203) 984-5983;



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150 McCarthy Road

Dover Plains, NY 12522

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