The Roadie Chef


Years ago I was sitting in the audience at a music concert, excitedly waiting on the edge of my seat for the band to come out on stage. Finally, the lead singer emerged. But instead of being in awe at the man I'd been waiting to see, the only thought in my mind was, "Wow. You need me to feed you." There he stood - unhealthy and overweight. Obviously not taking care of himself on the road. I thought about all the musicians out there... all the people out there who have a hard time finding easy, healthy options. Whether it's while traveling on tour, or even just at home. And that night, in the audience - that's when The Roadie Chef was born. (I bought the domain name while sitting in my seat!) I decided that day I was going to put myself out there and find a way to help people live a happier, healthier life - one recipe at a time. This blog is home to stories of my travels, highlights of local businesses, side notes on my love of music, holistic lifestyle tips, recipes I love and what's currently cooking (or quite possibly burning) in my kitchen. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with local band Edisun from time to time, and work alongside other wonderful musicians at Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT. (I once got to meet Martin Barre - guitar player for Jethro Tull. Such a wonderful man! He's also vegetarian AND gluten free... Who knew? : ) ) Thank you all for coming on this wild journey with me. Peace. Love. And Good Recipes.

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